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Research Papers
SL.NO   Author   Title of the Paper   Pg. No.   Download
1 Arpita Ghatak 

The Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore: A Historiographical Overview 

1-13  PDF
2 M Uma Devi

Eudora Welty on Woman's Question

 14-22 PDF
3 Monali Chatterjee

Ironical Subversion in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

23-30  PDF
4 P.Padmavathi & B. Indira

Dissolving Boundaries of Societal Prejudice: A Centripetal Reference to Global Immigrants’ in Divakaruni’s One Amazing Thing 

31-50  PDF
 5 Krishanu Mukherjee 

Displaced Nation(s): Reading ‘The State of Exception’ In Debesh Ray’s Teesta Parer Brittanto(Story of The Banks of River Teesta)

51-60  PDF
 6 Paulomi Sharma Being at Crossroads: The politics of identity in the narratives of Gloria Anzaldua 61-72  PDF

Saba Anish & Dwijen Sharma


Celebrating Silence and Otherness: A Reading of Kavita Kane’s Lanka’s Princess and Anand Neelakantan’s Asura: Tale of the Vanquished 





Jaydeep Sarangi 

 The Trusted Army 83-84 PDF

Sergio Ortiz 

Cartography of Dreams  85-86  PDF

Neepa Sarkar 

The Night Train to Ghum  87  PDF
4  Ruchi Nagpal My Love is of a Birth Rare   88  PDF
5 Pratistha Shyam The Clear Blue Sky  89-90 PDF 
Book Review
1 Jaydeep Sarangi

Odiya Dalit Poet Writes Back

The Mortgaged Man, Pitambar Tarai, Translated from the original Odia

91-94  PDF